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Founded in 2004, it is committed to promoting the development of juggling, jugglery, and related arts. Its services include: course series, diversified entertainment performance services, industry talent cultivation, professional juggling props, etc.

JH PropStore

Specializing in high-quality juggling, bell-ringing and other props, as well as balloon supplies from Europe, America, Taiwan and local countries, it is suitable for beginners, enthusiasts and even professional juggling performers. With many years of experience, the quality and service are confidently guaranteed.

Sundia HK logo _edited.jpg

In operation since 2010, Taiwan Sanzu produces high-quality professional bell-ringing supplies. In 2015, it officially became the only official authorized partner in Hong Kong, allowing customers to receive more comprehensive purchasing and maintenance services.

SMILEYS FB logo-01-01.png

SMILEYS professional performance team was established in 2015. All members are graduates of the "Entertainment Performance and Clown Art Professional Course" organized by our association. We hope to bring laughter and support to the public through performances.

ELEMIX entertainment-01.png

ELEMIX show is inspired by elements and mixing, bringing together performing elites with different styles to skillfully combine the unique elements of performing arts with diverse changes to surprise the audience.

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