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Juggling and bell-ringing training courses


Juggling and playing music series, juggling and bell-ringing training course series, SEN student support program course series, etc.

and elderly course series, serving a comprehensive range of clients (schools, groups, private institutions, individuals).

There are also professional certificate courses for those who are interested in joining juggling and performing arts.

Provide professional training and teaching materials related to performing arts.


The courses are based on interests and provide diversified classroom models, ranging from one-time experience classes to full-year courses, allowing students to learn to juggle and juggle, which helps strengthen physical coordination and activate brain coordination. (The series is suitable for all ages, that is, kindergarten K2 or above)

Juggling lessons

The course uses experiential learning methods and multiple intelligence elements to enhance students' learning motivation and psychological quality, cultivate a new generation of juggling contestants, and participate in performances. (The series is suitable for students in grade three or above of primary school to sixth grade)

Juggling lessons

The course is supervised by a senior registered social worker in Hong Kong and is conducted in the form of group collaborative learning, with guidance on juggling and related topics to promote students' enthusiasm and social skills.

(The series is suitable for students in primary school grade one or above, to secondary six students)

Student development and SEN support services

The course aims to popularize juggling culture. By understanding the types and props of juggling, students can master basic skills in an interesting and experiential way. There are also themes related to performing arts (magic, balloon art, dance, etc.).

(The series is suitable for all ages, that is, kindergarten K2 or above)

Juggling Workshop

Since 2016, a private juggling instruction program has been added, which is run by experienced instructors and provides tailor-made training plans based on students' abilities and learning goals. People who have participated in the program include primary, secondary, college students, and adults.
The Juggling Development Group focuses on long-term development. Members are selected from primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong. The educational policy starts with persistence in attitude. Teaching team members to learn juggling will be based on correct values, care for them, and allow them to develop their strengths, which will help long-term growth and development.

Juggling Development Group
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