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LED Glow Juggling Ball LED Juggling Ball

Fire toys

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Firetoys LED sphere can fully protect the LED and is very durable. High-efficiency LEDs, the luminosity is even and full, and the effect is bright to show the entire performance venue! No matter the outdoor environment at night or the stage, it is very suitable.


*Notice! The switch is sturdy and very durable, just be careful not to drop it directly on the hard ground, if it hits the battery cover, it may cause it to get stuck. It is recommended that you perform the tricks you are good at on a hard surface. When practicing new skills, it is more suitable to perform on a softer surface (such as carpet).


LED Glow Juggling Ball LED Juggling Ball x 1

(Each LED juggling ball needs to be equipped with 3 LR44 batteries)

Firetoys LED Glow Juggling Ball LED Juggling Ball

HK$150.00 Regular Price
HK$120.00Sale Price
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