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Professional Juggling Turntable Germany HENRYS Professional Juggling Equipment Produced


HENRYS Professional Juggling Equipment  has a history of more than 30 years. It comes from a German juggling brand and is known for producing extremely high-quality juggling props.


HENRYS professional juggling turntable, in line with European safety certification "CE", the disc body is soft and elastic, not easy to deform, light and stable;

Whenever the translucent disc rotates, its original unique geometric pattern design not only helps to understand the speed of rotation, but also fully increases the visual effect.

There are two layers of accelerated difficulty at the bottom, which increases the fun of challenges when using it.


Suitable for people aged 5 or above, under the age of 10 it is recommended to be used under the guidance of a tutor or an adult.


Each set includes:

A HENRYS professional juggling turntable   made in Germany is equipped with a special glue stick for turntable or a double-headed wooden stick for turntable.

HENRYS Professional Juggling Turntable Professional Juggling Plate Made in Germany

  • HENRYS Professional Juggling Equipment

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